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100% THC Free


There are much healthier options that don’t come with side effects that could lead to heart attacks. Plant based solutions like VitaLuxe™ are here to assist with hair thickening.

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VITAluxe Hair Growth Bundle

The VITAluxe bundle includes all four of our products. Experience the best results when you use these products together. Purchase all four products NOW and save.

  • Amazing value at an amazing price
  • Imagine how good you will feel as your hair starts to thicken
  • All four products play a strong role in the re-growth of your hair

A key element in this product to make it effective compared to many on the market is the DHT Blocker. DHT is dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone builds up in the oil glands surrounding the hair follicles. The blockage starves the follicle of necessary blood flow. DHT blocker breaks down this blockage and allows the follicle to receive the blood flow it needs to start operating again correctly. Hair growth is actually a side effect of restoring blood flow.

Vitaluxe Story

When we started Vital Elements, we wanted to do things differently. We were used to so many companies in the CBD space playing the volume game. No eye on quality and quite a few that were selling Hemp oil, with no CBD benefit in it. High prices for products that had zero benefit for the customer. We knew we had to change this.

We built a company that put quality first. You can see that in our branding and design, but more importantly, you can taste and feel that in our products. We manufacture the highest quality of products, created with you in mind. We know what you’re getting because we use our products daily in our routines.

Main Ingredients

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Caryophyllene Terpene

Increases and improves hair growth and strength, increases circulation, promotes hair growth, increases follicles and their depth. Can be found in peppermint, clary sage.

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Hair loss can be caused by a lowering function of the trichogen cells. Allantoin has been found to reactivate the trichogen cells, therefore allowing for the hair loss to not only stop but also to reverse.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Scientists around the world have found that HA has an ability to prevent hair loss through its ability to lock in moisture. It also improves hair luster and strength. It is referred to as a “fertilizer for hair.”

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CBD helps to regulate the production of sebum (oil produced by the sebaceous glands), which effects things such as oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff.

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Keeps follicles from deteriorating, improves circulation, strengthens hair, reduces thinning, protects against brittleness, stimulates growth, reverses hair loss, improves thickness. Found in parsley, basil, rosemary, pine

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Reduces dandruff, improves thickness and growth. Found in lemongrass, rosemary.

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CBD Products

Quality products selected for you

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CBD Gummies Watermelon

Our CBD Watermelon Gummies are the perfect summertime treat. Just like biting into a slice of real watermelon, each piece is bursting with sweet and fruity flavor. (Each gummy contains 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD)

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CBD Tincture 250mg

Our Pure CBD Tincture with a slight peppermint flavor is easy to dose and super fast acting. These tinctures have a wonderful clean and refreshing taste.

(Each tincture contains 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD)

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Pure CBD/DMSO Pain

Relief Cream

CBD Topical Pain-Relief Cream 250mg quickly absorbing pain.

Pure CBD Pain-Relief is perfect for aches and pains of joints and muscles associated with arthritis, sprains, sport injuries, bruises, backache, and strains. This formula has been specifically created to penetrate into the deepest layers of your hypodermis where it gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

The cream is often used for skin problems from serious Psoriasis to just dry skin with great results.

Apply as needed.

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Pure CBD is the result of our constant efforts to be the best in the industry for medicated edibles and orally administered medicated cannabis/hemp extracts. After years of successfully manufacturing medical marijuana edibles, we realized many of our customers wanted all the benefits of edibles and pill-Form medicated supplements without feeling the effects of psychoactive ingredients. Our unique technology and commitment to excellence have given us the ability to create the purest, most bioavailable NON - THC Naturopathic Edibles, Topicals and orally administrated products available on the market today. 

Pure CBD is our number one medical product line that has absolutely no psychoactive effects. Our product lines have been awarded number one three times in a row by Edibles magazine and are continuously recognized by titans of media in the industry such as NewTimes, Arizona Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch and others.

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Benefits of using CBD Products

CBD oil is especially promising due to its lack of intoxicating effects and a possible lower potential for

side effects than many other pain medications.

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Pain Relief

CBD helps relax muscles and ease joint and pain like back ache and more.

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Heart Health

Helps your heart by slowing down heavy and fast breathing that is abnormal.

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Promotes Appetite

CBD can make you more hungry by increasing your metabolism.

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Mental Health